Thursday, June 17, 2010

Vegas: I'm goin' out west where they'll appreciate me.

After white knuckling a direct flight to Vegas I immediately went to Red Rock Canyon. I was just as excited to explore the desert for the first time as I was to play my in first WSOP event. I immediately fell in love. I was so impressed with the textures, colors and complete quietness of the place.

After Red Rock Canyon I eventually made my way to the Rio and bought in for the Stud 8 tournament. I drifted around the place and saw some familiar faces, but the games I was after were too high. I wanted to get into the $50/$100 Stud 8 cash game, but could not justify those stakes right now. My goal for next year is to haunt that game.
So, the Venetian is where it's at these days and yes, finally, my first live HORSE (Limit hold em, Omaha 8 or better, Razz, Stud, Stud 8 or better)game. I have been dying, just dying to play a live mixed game. One problem: the waiting list. I had to play no limit for about 1 1/2 hours before I ever got into the HORSE game. 3 buy ins later...Not going well, but I started coming back when my name was called for HORSE.
My strengths are in live games, however, I have turned to online because of the variety of games I play now, and just being bored with no limit. I have not played live in about 6 months which is a long time as I was going 1 to 2 times a week prior to this drought. Point being, I better get my act together before I spew everything away.
I ran incredibly well in HORSE and made a few plays to wind up well in the black for the evening. I thought I would be going to The Venetian to play HORSE every day from that point forward, but that would not be the case at all...(Still editing and formatting this goddamn thing)

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