Saturday, June 5, 2010

Uncle Les and the Avett Brothers

Little did I know that I would be swooning in adoration at the feet of Les Claypool at Lewiston, Artpark, but lo! there I was like a little girl leaning against the stage, earplugs in, right in front of the speakers, wishing like hell my camera was in hand.

A wonderful soul came up to us after the Avett Bros. played and gave us what said to be orchestra 2nd row tickets! Sweet. I have not kept track of anything Les has done since Primus but I was excited to what he was up to and I couldn't have been more impressed. Top notch vibraphone and cello player in his band and they fuckin' rocked. Ol' Les was highsteppin' around like a praying mantis from outer space and at times adorned a monkey mask and a pig mask. He played some sort of stick bass that looked like a sickle, pumped it like a water well to change the notes, and and hit it with a drum stick. Primus touring later this summer and am going to try like hell to get there.

Dear Avett Bros.,

It's ok. I understand that bands progress, tastes change/evolve and people age. I did NOT think it was cute when I showed up to your show prior to the release of I Love and You and saw a drum set on stage, a piano, and an Asian cello player singing all of your lyrics. I actually hated it and wanted to go back in time to the 3 of you shucking with the audience, tuning instruments every half of a song, screaming every one of songs, etc.

But now the ballads flow, the pop hooks are tighter and the fans are showing up. Which is good. You deserve the recognition, the loot and the bigger venues. I begrudgingly concede. It looks like you may have figured out the new live show. A Little of this and a little of that. I was really impressed at the evolution of your new sound compared to the very early tour of your 'Rick Rubin' era.

Just don't add a flute player please.

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