Saturday, June 26, 2010

Champagne Tuesdays and the $1.6 million dollar man

I knew Scott Fishman hosted a mixed game at the Hard Rock Casino so I made my way there. If the game wasn't running I would play NL holdem like the rest of Vegas. No Fishman game, but there was game starting that was a mix of NL hold em and Pot Limit Omaha. I'm in. Give me any mix at this point, and I actually wanted to play some live Pot Limit Omaha.

It was immediately clear to me that these people knew each other. My 'senses' were heightened and I tried to get a read as quickly as possible. I didn't enjoy the fact that most of the table were 'younger folks', but I was ready play my best.

Champagne and Strawberries? 4 people at the table were drinking this. I decided I didn't care who knew who, I had to see what unfolded amongst a table of champagne and strawberries drinkers. Dan introduced himself to me and it turns out that he was the host of the game and has a real poker blog Pokerati. This was usually a media game, but his fellow media members failed to show, or grew tired of waiting to get a seat.

Champagne and Strawberries? Normally at such a sloppy and slow game as what was transpiring, I would be incredibly tilted and angry. On the contrary though. It was the funnest game I played in Vegas. The other 2 locals were drinking and carrying on but never faltered. They talked and talked but never belittled anyone and the drunk one was pretty funny. They started playing a prop game 'name the band' which added to the chaos. What with Rex running as fast as he could in and out to the lobby to confirm questionable bands/answers. Every douche bag band that came on during my turn that I didn't know, I just said Switchfoot. Lots of fun. Still, these guys never faltered. This is what they do. They live here and are young and drunk and living the Vegas life. I was somewhat jealous, but not enough to drink Champagne and Strawberries.

So a guy in these clown pants shows up to the game. The locals new him, and I thought I recognized him. After a while I hear his name was Tom, so I finally asked Dan what his last name was. Yep, that's what I thought. The 2007 WSOP player of the year is playing in my $1/$2 no limit hold em-pot limit omaha game. Mr. $1.6 million dollar man. I immediately thought about getting up, but, the competitor in me wanted to stay put. Measure up, learn a few tricks, etc. What's one more pro at the table anyhow?

I didn't tangle with him in one pot. Not out of fear, it just never happened. I wasn't really looking to get into a post flop pissing contest with him, mind you, but still, I never battled him. As the night wore on I slipped out with a winning session as they argued about the myriad of prop bets being thrown around...



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