Sunday, May 17, 2009


(Concert/Music Reviews)

I Know No Pardon had an enormous influence on me when I started writing songs and it is the only reason I went to see Vetiver last night. And as I listen to it now, it is as beautiful as when I first heard it. They made me wait a long time to hear it though, what with 2 openers and starting late. That was expected as evidenced by the inconspicuous, untraceable venue. It was so fucking hip I am reluctant to give away the location for fear that the plaided up-headband wearing-mustached hipster Gestapo will come a callin'.

It was worth it. They were tight and covered a great Townes Van Zandt tune: Standin'. A pattern that has not gone unnoticed: bands that cover Townes + hipsters, minus a card game = my general location.

About to go on a serious Gillian Welch bender,


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