Saturday, May 16, 2009

Goodbye Fox; Goodbye Crow


Dear mother,

The waters have grown black and deep and something wicked underneath stirs. Things have grown ugly and a storm is gathering at the edge of the world. The fox took heavy to spirits and seems to be falling apart rapidly. I couldn't take it any longer, and you were right, I should have never kept company with the crow. He was caught cheating an angry parliament of great horned owls. Only the crow would try such a move. He found himself in a 5 card stud marathon and couldn't help himself. They chewed off his left wing behind the towering red barn.

Can you imagine? Me underneath a howling moon threading a pine needle with a spider web, wondering where I went wrong? I tried like hell to sew a playing card (jack of diamonds) to the crow's body in place of his wing, but my efforts were no match for the river of blood. I tell you he had a good heart mother, but that wasn't enough for him; it's never enough for them. He died in my arms as the fox stumbled around muttering incomprehensible maxims. I left that muttering sonofabitch to his own devices.

I picked up a new blade at the country store and passed along your words to Jonas Steer. He's sending for you in a week. As for now I'm off to see a spider in the pines. Wish me luck.



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