Sunday, March 8, 2009

You are not lonely, nor are you alone



We are friends, no?

The rotund Jew with milky blue eyes, hooded by worried brows looked at me and explained his position "I didn't feel good and if I stayed home I would lay around and just eat." I sipped my coffee and contemplated why I was there. The William Burroughs look-alike pursed his lips and said, "My wife died 3 years ago." The pock marked Italian chirped, "This place is like a bar, you see all the regulars here like you would at a bar." I couldn't agree with him more. It is a way to be close to people without letting them in. Once they get in, they rummage around and see how messy, insecure, dreamy, lovely and foggy your life really is.

Excuse me, why am I here? "I am a card player sir, and my car broke down near the edge of town and I am just looking to get some coin to get back on the road. I have a lady the next town over waiting for me. We plan on moving to the country as soon as I get fixed up real proper, sir. Three tens? I have aces over eights, you win again."

Affectionately yours,


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