Monday, March 16, 2009

Dust Bowl Gansters

(Concert/Music Reviews)

My crippled bankroll needed a breather this weekend, and although I recently saw them in Rochester, I decided to go to The Felice Brothers show. Taylor Hollingsworth opened up for them and I was pleasantly surprised by his solo performance. Although his young voice conjures the ghost of Daniel Johnston, his writing is spangled with very profound and beautifully absurd lyrics.

Ian Felice strikes me as a modern day vaudevillian tweaker. I say that with artistic love. He rocks, sways and winces like a marionette attached to the dusty wild west. Any band that has more than one mustache rules, and Christmas, the dice throwing bass player is obviously goddamn pimp.

I envy their rowdy and drinking ways on stage, but hope I don't read about a canceled tour due to 'exhaustion'...

With a shifting focus,


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