Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Slow Waltz with the Devil

The month of November proved to be a slow but steady month. I barely had any time to play as the semester spun wildly out of control. I only played in 5 multi-table-tournaments and cashed 3 of the 5 x's-2 final tables. Mind you, these tournaments are very low stakes, but the variety of games in which I cashed were rewarding (some work paid off): 

7 card stud 8 or better: 2nd place out of 120ish
No Limit Holdem: 16th place out of 2,241 
Razz: 5th place out of 104 

I also made my triumphant return to the live setting after a 3 year absence. Only 3 trips to the casino, but did well ~ Old heavyset biker dude with a beard down to his belly and shades that fill his face slams his cards down in disgust, "I can never beat the goddamn orientals!" He trotted away from the table. I snickered for a second, but quickly realized that he was serious. Huh? Who says that? Then the old broad (and she was and old broad, in her 70's) next to him agrees, "never", and mumbles some other crap that I can't hear. The Asian guy at the other end of the table is stacking the biker dude's chips in silence and I can't tell if he understood what was said, but I have a feeling he did. I wanted to smack both of those fucking idiots. My new work environment.

It will be interesting to see what happens once all of my school work is handed in. The casino is not right around the corner from Rochester, and I don't expect anything from playing online. 

Settling in nicely, 


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