Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Migration Day 2 Continuation. Who cares about shorebirds.

So as I was leaving the oncoming storm I noticed a Bald Eagle hovering/swaying in the wind above route 18 near Calvin E. Krueger park, so I violently double backed toward the Wilson Lake St. Pier from which I had just left. I got to see the eagle unsuccessfully fish for well over 5 minutes. It was spectacular. At one point, he suggested that he was going to perch in the tree right next to the stranger lady who was watching the scene with me, but instead, he flew right over our heads and kept swaying and balancing and drifting towards Olcott.

The pictures below show how close he was to us, but I was seriously battling high winds, leaves, raindrops and a camera not that irks me to no end.

On the way home I stopped at a farm stand and heard a bunch of noise in the rafter: baby barn swallows just about ready to leave the nest:

With wheels on my ass,


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