Monday, November 24, 2008

Maiden Voyage Part Deux

I tracked my listening habits on a 13 hour drive a couple of days ago. I wanted to monitor my moods vs. songs vs. coffee vs. life outlook vs. driving, etc. It was going to be a brilliant, sprawling epic poem. An amazing list of music interwoven with life and the drive. 
Until it hit the page and I saw a sprawling vomitous mess. My editor J. slapped my knuckles with a ruler and scared me straight. I will give her credit for providing me with a piece of knowledge that all you hipsters should choke on: Will Oldham aka Bonnie Prince Billy is in R. Kelly's weird, mesmerizing scary narrative video. 
I think I will attempt the same controlled experiment on the way home and see if something sticks to the car window. 
As ever, 

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